The Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre (CARTAC) conducted a Regional Collections Enforcement Workshop which focused on Effective Practices in Regional Tax Arrears Collections and Enforcement.  It was held in Basseterre, St Kitts & Nevis, September 17 – 22, 2012.

During this six-day workshop, participants were given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the collections enforcement tools available to effectively and efficiently manage a collections program for both income or value added tax.  They were also provided with presentations made by selected CARTAC member countries on ‘Good Practices on Specific Collections Enforcement Tools’.  All participants were required to review effective regional practice and develop comprehensive individual action plans to implement at a local level.  By the end of the week, each participant would have prepared a prioritized action plan to take back to their respective departments.

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Location: Basseterre, St Kitts & Nevis