CARTAC held a workshop in St Lucia over the period 27 January to 1 February, 2013. The workshop was designed for the eight ECCU countries with the objective of mapping their existing Chart of Accounts (CoA) to the Government Finance Statistics (GFS) 2001 and Classification of Functions of Government (CoFoG). Participants were requested to bring their existing CoA and mapping with them on portable computers and, following some introductory training, to undertake/complete the mapping during the week with hands-on assistance provided by CARTAC.  At the end of the week, each country also developed an indicative action plan for finalising the mapping and for completing other related CoA changes and improvements.

In summary, seven out of the eight countries have progressed to at least 90% completion, with some fully completing their mapping exercise.  In most cases the mapping tables can now largely be used as a reliable reporting mechanism for both GFS 2001 and CoFoG as a result of the efforts at the workshop and in combination with earlier CARTAC and other Technical Assistance such as the IMF supervised, EU funded effort in  Antigua and SEMCAR in St Lucia.

The workshop was rated very highly by participants, with the following comment from an evaluation typical of the feedback during the week:

“I loved the workshop.  It was different.  It was practical.  It really gave me an understanding & appreciation for GFS 2001.  I loved the fact that colleagues from the region could provide insight and that we could learn from them.”

CARTAC will continue to provide off-site assistance to complete the mapping but will generally focus on minor issues of detail.  The goal to have all mapping completed by mid-year.


Photos from the Workshop



Location: St Lucia