Please note that you will be required to print your own copies of meeting documents as only limited copies of selected documents will be made available at the meeting.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Attendance (Actual) – June 1; June 2

Meeting Agendas

  1. Steering Committee Meeting June 1
  2. Strategic Planning Meeting, June 2

CARTAC Presentations

CARTAC Programme Coordinator: Steering Committee Presentation (June 1)Enhancing CARTAC’s Effectiveness (June 2)

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Financial Sector Supervision: Presentation; Short Note

Financial Stability: Presentation; Short Note

Revenue Administration: Presentation; Short Note

Public Finance Management: Presentation; Short Note

Statistics: Presentation; Short Note

Macroeconomics Programming and Analysis: Presentation; Short Note

CARTAC RBM Outcome Matrix

IMF’s Results Framework: Implications for CARTAC


Other Presentations

CARTAC Financial Report and Fundraising Update, by Katarzyna Kardas, IMF/ICD

Preparations for Phase V of CARTAC by Katarzyna Kardas, IMF/ICD

Report on Mid-Term Evaluation of CARTAC Phase IV  by Dr. Kenneth Watson

Report on CARTAC TA Delivery in Dominica, by Rosamund Edwards

Report on CARTAC TA Delivery in Barbados, by Nancy Headley

Presentation on the Project for the Regional Advancement for Statistics in the Caribbean (PRASC) by Calvin Piggott, DFATD-Canada

Caribbean Macroeconomic Policy Priorities and CARTAC by Trevor Alleyne, IMF WHD


Topic Area Log Frames

Financial Sector Supervision

Financial Stability

Customs Administration

Tax Administration

Public Finance Management


Macroeconomics Programming and Analysis


Work Plans

Financial Sector Supervision

Financial Stability

Customs Administration

Tax Administration

Public Finance Management

Real Sector Statistics

External Sector Statistics

Macroeconomics Programming and Analysis




Location: Bridgetown, Barbados